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Process Optimization

Maximise process performance by uncovering hidden inefficiencies with visual maps that leverage automation and machine learning.

Benefits of Process Optimization

Extract greater efficiencies

Measure and improve service delivery in alignment with SLAs and customer expectations.

Achieve top performance

View performance across your organisation and use machine learning to improve workgroup results.

Increase process efficiency

Streamline work by uncovering and removing bottlenecks in business processes.

Automate continuously

Drive service excellence with an easy visual map of real process performance.

Features of Process Optimization

Streamline business process flows via process mining

Business process flows

Uncover hidden inefficiencies with the push of a button using process data.

Visualize IT and customer service process workflows

Process map and comparison

See a visual representation of process flows to identify bottlenecks and make improvements quickly.

Automated root cause analysis helps diagnose bottlenecks

Root cause analysis

Optimise processes fast with AI-powered analysis to detect undesired process behaviour.

Autodetect non-conformant activities and their impact

Conformance check

Ensure greater regulatory compliance by proactively identifying process deviations and anomalies.

Additional Features

Machine learning cluster analysis

Use AI to identify and remediate process inefficiencies faster, and understand underlying patterns.

Linked process analysis

Discover and map related processes for a complete view of how they connect to and impact on each other.

Easy collaboration

Share process maps across teams for collaboration and process improvement.

Embedded process analysis

Right click to analyse process and issues directly and simply from any filtered list of records.

Performance Analytics integration

Link Performance Analytics KPIs to continual improvement initiatives to track realised business value.

Process insight dashboard

View process summary and actionable improvement insights at a glance from a single dashboard.

Ongoing optimisation

Integrate with Continual Improvement Management to refine processes and track their business value.

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