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Workforce Optimization

Develop high-performing teams by optimising schedules and work assignments, and providing the skills they need to succeed—all in one workspace.

Benefits of Workforce Optimization

Rev up team productivity

Gain real-time visibility across channels and work so you can manage for optimal performance.

Forecast agent demand with precision

Model demand scenarios to analyse scheduling impact and make sure you staff properly for surges.

Break cross-team siloes

Manage normal and on-call shifts from one place. Track coverage, swaps and time-off requests.

Engage your workforce

Empower your agents with the skills they need to succeed using integrated coaching and courses.

Features of Workforce Optimization

An easy, intuitive interface for team scheduling

Team scheduling

Manage shifts, on-call schedules and time-off requests with an intuitive omni-channel interface.

Team and individual performance reporting

Performance reporting

View and filter team and individual data. Drill down into KPIs, set targets and track progress.

Monitor channels and conversations in real time

Omni-channel optimisation

Monitor conversations, analyse voice recordings, and track capacity utilisation across all channels.

Help your teams and individuals develop professional skills

Skills management

Engage your agents and improve service quality with intelligent skill development recommendations.

Additional features

Skills-based routing

Use rules and language detection to identify needed skills and route incidents to the right agent.

Two-way coaching

Let coaches assess agent-caller interactions and agents give feedback on coaching effectiveness.

Queue management

Watch work move through assignment queues, address escalations in real time and track wait times.

Learning management integrations

Add learning content from internal and third-party systems. Track and assign courses to agents.

Demand forecasting

Let managers set forecast parameters to visualise data and manually adjustment to improve accuracy.

Skills overview

Gain insight into key statistics about each required skill to ensure your team is proficient.

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